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Various hotspots in our area

Many guests often ask what would you recommend? It is difficult to recommend something. After all, everyone is different! Of course there are plenty of tips, which are already highly rated by previous guests. For the record.

So you should really go for a walk along the Gulp. Leave your car at SlenakerHof and then stroll downstream along the Gulp. The grindstone, discovered by an amateur archeologist in 1953, lays in a small forest area west of the Roebelsbos, and it is hard to find but with some tips you wil arrive there. This stone was used in the Neoiithic period for polishing flint axes.

So you should really go for a walk alont the Geul at Cotessen. Park your car at Buitenlust and then through the orchards end meadows walk to the Geul. Enjoy the view of the 330 years old Heimansgroeve (the oldest part of the Netherlands above the grounf!) Watch the Scottish Highland cattle grazing in the summer. Walking here is a joy. Every sight is another picture something that never bores.

Another tip is a nice drive along the Mergelland route, So you will discover South Limburg in a differrent way and you will reach many beautiful places.

Explore in a day the beautiful surroundings on a particularly stylish MEIJS Motorman electric moped 25km/h. Silently cruising effortlessly through the hills. 100% electric and environmentally friendly. We can provide a beauriful route with obviously a great lunch spot.

Sportive climbing the Loorberg and Eyserbosweg or how about the Keutenberg. You can also eet the entire ride Amstel Gold Race. Now it is possible 365 days a year to ride the Amstel Gold Race. There are signposted three differrent subroutes. All these three subroutes together form the route of the Amstel Gold Race. Thus, it is possible to cycle the entire route, but also the cycling of a loose subroute is possible. Do you dare?

Aachen, Maastricht and Liege should not miss the programm of our guests. Three historic towns that are worth visiting. The same applies to the American Cemetry in Margraten. There you have a moment of impressive silence.

And what we recommend: just do nothing for a while. Enjoy our wellness facilities. Accessible for everyone above 16 years old, providing some tranquiltity in these busy times.